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Investor Education

  • High Close : 

    This is a tactic used by stock manipulators. During the final minutes of trading, they execute several small orders of a given stock at high prices to give the impression that the stock is doing better than it actually is because the closing price is the most widely quoted and will attract potential investors to buy the stock.

  • Dematerialized Securities : 

    These are securities that have been prescribed by the central depository and the physical certificate is no longer recognized as all its transactions are computerized and entered into a ledger.

  • Oversubscribed : 

    This is a situation in which the demand for shares in an initial public offering exceeds the number of shares issued. In a bull market, good public issues tend to get oversubscribed.  

  • Quote : 

    This is the price at which a share is currently traded at the stock exchange. It is also referred to as the quotation or quoted price.


  • Paper Loss : 

    This is when the market price of a share is less than its original purchase price giving rise to a loss in value which is not a realized loss until the shares are actually sold.