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Investor Education

  • Noise : 

    Also known as market noise and refers to price and volume fluctuations of trade at the stock exchange that can confuse one’s interpretation of market direction.

  • Quote : 

    This is the price at which a share is currently traded at the stock exchange. It is also referred to as the quotation or quoted price.


  • Custodian : 

    This is a financial institution with the legal responsibilities and mandate to manage and safe-keep a customer’s securities.

  • Trade Volume : 

    This is the total number of shares of a company that are traded during a given period, usually a day. The term is also used to refer to the total number of shares transacted in a stock exchange during a given period, usually a day.

  • Voting Right : 

    This is the right of an ordinary shareholder to vote either in person or by proxy for the members of the board of directors and on other matters of corporate policy. The number of shares an individual owns corresponds to the number of votes he has. So an investor with 1,000 shares has 1,000 votes while an investor with 10 shares only has 10 votes.