KASIB's Role in CMA

KASIB plays its part towards facilitating development of Capital Markets within Kenya and East Africa through collective views, representation and backing of our members. We actively engage in promoting the implementation of the Capital Markets Master Plan 2014 - 2023 KASIB engages with domestic, regional and international exchanges, depositories, custodians, government, the public and other specific stakeholders from time to time in developing our Capital Market. We make policy recommendation and give input on draft. 




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Investor Education

  • Risk : 

    Risk is a future probability of loss. It is inherent in any investment and therefore advisable that one puts it in serious consideration while comparing alternative investment prospects.

  • Assets : 

    This is anything owned by a company that has a market value. This includes land, buildings, equipment, furniture, cash, bank deposits, manufactured goods ready to be sold, goodwill, trademarks etc.

  • Money Market : 

    The money market is a part of the capital market that is established to buy and sell short term financial obligations. Money market securities are generally very safe investments which return a relatively low interest rate and include short term treasury bills and certificates of deposit.

  • Equity Market Capitalization : 

    This is the total market value of an equity market. It is calculated by adding up the market capitalization of all the listed companies in the equity market. It is used to measure the increase or decrease of the size of the market as a whole.

  • Stop Order : 

    A stop order is one placed by an investor with a stockbroker to buy or sell shares at a particular price (stop price) or better.