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10th Annual Eastern & Southern Africa Pension Funds Conference 2015


With the theme of “Financing Pensions, Securing Adequate Pension Provision & Targeting Better Member Outcomes,” this 10th Annual Eastern & Southern Africa Pension Funds Conference 2015 will feature thought leaders, policymakers, and senior fund executives from 18 countries to deal extensively with the following pressing issues:

  • The global direction of pension reform
  • Emerging strategies for securing sufficient contribution levels in pension plans
  • Mastering the endgame of enhancing income adequacy in retirement
  • Positioning pension plans for the long term
  • Securing best practice in structuring DC schemes’ investment options and managing future trends
  • Developments in Trustee Approaches to Governance and Asset/Liability Management

Benefits of Attending:

  • Get to grips with emerging issues in the pension reform environment that are calling for Africa-specific insights and unique approaches
  • Share blueprints and practices for re-investing pensions through adoption of new roles and responsibilities in order to finance pensions effectively and secure personal financial continuity
  • Stay ahead of emerging trends and embrace the new age of pension management
  • Reduce exposure to risks for your fund by benchmarking controls and evaluating risk management and governance practices
  • Promote good governance around trustee and fund managers’ responsibilities and the link to securing sufficient replacement income for plan members
  • Facilitate regional networking to increase interaction that will result in trust based relations and encourage future collaboration in pension reform projects.


Trustees, Fund Managers, Principle Officers, Fund Administrators, Human Resource Managers, and Heads of Funds, Director: Employee Benefits, Manager: Employee Benefits, Chief Investment Officers, Investment Managers, Asset Managers, Benefit Administrators, Head of Alternative Investments, Portfolio Managers,Pension Fund Risk Managers, Pension Risk Assessors, Pension Lawyers, Compliance Managers, Legal Pension Advisors,Executive Boards of Funds, Financial Risk Managers, Pension Fund Communication Professionals, Member Distribution Managers, Pension Managers, Pension Scheme Managers, Pension Officers, Pension Registrars, Legal Advisors, Portfolio Managers & much more….


Starting from: 6th May 2015 at 8:00 AM
Ending: 8th May 2015 at 5:00 PM
Reistration Deadline: 5th May 2015
Venue: Serena Resort, Entebbe, Uganda