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  • Credit Rating : 

    This is the process of ascertaining the creditworthiness of a company or financial institution. Credit rating is not a recommendation to buy or sell but is an objective and independent assessment of the company so as to create risk awareness among investors.

  • Share Repurchase Plan : 

    This is a program through which a company buys back its own shares from the open market. This is normally because the management believes that the shares are undervalued, or wants to reduce the shares outstanding (i.e. supply) so as to increase the earnings per share. A share repurchase plan tends to elevate the market value of the shares.

  • Open Order : 

    This is an order to buy or sell securities that has not been executed or cancelled. This usually happens because some requirement e.g. specified price has not yet been met.

  • Cooking the Books : 

    This is falsifying the financial accounts of a company to give the impression of high profits to attract investors and to keep the shareholders happy.

  • Bourse : 

    This is term is generally used to refer to the Nairobi Securities Exchange.