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Investor Education

  • Subscribe : 

    To subscribe is to apply for the purchase of shares in a new issue.

  • Positive Carry : 

    This is a condition in which the returns on an investment are greater than the cost of financing it. Example; if you were to borrow KES 100,000 at an interest rate of 10% and invest the same in a bond paying 12%, then there is a positive carry.

  • Ethical Investing : 

    This is investing that is guided by one’s ethical principals and not by financial considerations. One may choose to invest heavily in companies that conform to his/her ethical guidelines and decline to invest in companies in certain industries like gambling, alcohol, tobacco.

  • Extraordinary General Meeting : 

    This is any general meeting other than the annual general meeting called to seek shareholders’ consent on urgent issues. These issues could be the removal of an executive, a takeover, amalgamation, induction of a new director into the board or even large scale borrowing.

  • Defensive Stock : 

    These are shares of companies that have maintained a record of stable earnings and continuous dividend payments even through periods of economic downturn. They tend to fall less in a bear market and therefore provide a safe return to an investor’s money.