The Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is an association that represents the interests of Kenyan stockbrokerage and investment banking companies. It was initially founded as the Association of Kenya Stockbrokers (AKS) but later changed its name to KASIB in order to accommodate the interests and aspirations of investment banks that also operate as stockbrokers.
The eighteen members all have seats at the NSE and are holders of their respective licenses as stockbrokers or investment banks.

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  • Investment Company : 

    This is a company that invests the pooled funds of a large number of retail investors to buy and sell shares. It gives individual investors access to a wider range of securities than the investors themselves would have been able to access. An open-ended investment company is one which keeps accepting new investors and redeems the funds of those who wish to opt out, whereas a close-ended investment company has a fixed number of investors.

  • Inside Information : 

    Inside information is crucial and valuable information about a company which is known by the company’s board of directors, management and/or employees but not by the public. Such information could affect the company’s share price should it be made public.

  • Beneficial Owner : 

    A beneficial owner is the true owner of a security who enjoys the benefits of ownership even though the title could be in another name.

  • Revenue Reserves : 

    Revenue reserves are part of a company’s earnings that are distributable to shareholders as bonus or dividends or may be used for the company’s expansion.

  • Rights Issue : 

    This is a privilege to existing shareholders to subscribe for a new issue, shortly before it’s offered to the public, at a specified and usually discounted price, in proportion to the number of shares owned. They are also known as subscription rights or share purchase rights.



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