The Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks is an association that represents the interests of Kenyan stockbrokerage and investment banking companies. It was initially founded as the Association of Kenya Stockbrokers (AKS) but later changed its name to KASIB in order to accommodate the interests and aspirations of investment banks that also operate as stockbrokers.
The eighteen members all have seats at the NSE and are holders of their respective licenses as stockbrokers or investment banks.

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  • Most Active : 

    The most active shares at the stock exchange are the ones that had the highest volume traded in a given period, usually a single trading day.

  • Redeemable Preference Shares : 

    These are preference shares that come with an agreement that the company can buy them back at a future fixed date and price, or on certain specific terms at the discretion of the board.

  • Negative Equity : 

    This is when the value of an asset e.g. shares is less than the loan that was taken to invest in the asset. Negative equity normally results from a decline in the value of an asset after it is purchased.

  • Cyclical Shares (Cyclical Stock) : 

    Cyclical Shares are the shares of a company which is particularly sensitive to changes in the economic conditions. Such shares will rise and fall in price depending on various factors like the state of the national economy e.g. cement, the international economy e.g. tourism or even natural phenomena e.g. fertilizers.

  • Amalgamation : 

    This is when two companies, previously independent of one another, combine to form a new company.



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